Mohammed A. al-Zaidi

Name: Mohammed Awad al-Zaidi 
Country: Saudi Arabia 
Age: 32 years old 
The name and the idea of ​​the project: 
Makkah window

In Makkah there are more than three hundred historic sites; 22 historic sites are open to the public, including 18 museums, but there is only one licensed tour guide.

The majority of the inhabitants of Makkah, in addition to visitors, do not know the locations of these museums. However, in light of the proliferation of smart phones, there is no longer a need to carry a map in your hand when you go to visit a new city. The Makkah Window application will be a smart guide for visitors to this city, guiding them to historical sites, museums, and public libraries. 
Possible development opportunities: 

The success of the Makkah Window application will also pave the way for the pilgrims to visit the holy city of Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah, and the application might also be applied later to other historical cities in the Kingdom which contain important historical and cultural aspects, including Riyadh and Jeddah. In addition, special applications will be designed for museums and cultural festivals in the Kingdom. The service will cover all parts of the Kingdom. 
The extent of adoption of the technology project:

The project relies heavily on the use of technology, both through internal processes and production.

Target customer:

Mobile applications market – oriented towards Muslim pilgrims and potential customers; they are the organizations and corporate sponsors targeted in the Makkah Window application.