Nermin F. Saad

Name: Nermin Fawzi Saad

Country: Jordan


The idea of ​​the project:

 Engaat Forums

Electronic engineering company founded by a team of engineers with expertise in the field of building and construction in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The project aims to provide engineering services over the Internet in support of the companies operating in Saudi Arabia, seeking to reduce the cost of hiring engineers from abroad.

Possible development opportunities:

The engineering sector is a routinely stereotyped sector in which most of the development taking place is manifested by in the development of new types of service networks or diagnostic tools.
Engaat Company aspires to give a modern characterization of this sector by providing myriad engineering services.

The extent of adoption of the technology project:

The goal of the company is to move Engaat engineering from field work indeed to an online virtual environment as an alternative to working in the traditional way.

Target customer:

Consulting engineering firms and contractors working in the Middle East region, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

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