Omar H. Ibrahim

Name: Omar Hassan Ahmad Ibrahim 
Country: Egypt 
Age: 38 years

The idea of ​​the name of the project:

The project is related to the feeder industries that fall within the refrigeration industry.

We manufacture two imported products that have no local factory and are solely produced by our company with machines we have developed ourselves. The circular formation represents the four pillars of the piston, and we strive to produce these machines with the highest possible quality, as well as the lowest production cost. We are the only domestic supplier.

Possible development opportunities:

It's a component used in manufacturing piston refrigeration and air-conditioning units, the first product for the formation of a cylindrical form. All four pieces form the base of the refrigerator piston. The second product installed is the Benz piston.

The extent of adoption of the project on the technology:

All the tools of production and innovation are our brainchild; we rely entirely on research and development tools for the development of our product.

Target customer:

All manufacturers of piston refrigeration and air conditioning units and some companies that produce refrigerators and coolers.

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