Abdulaziz M. Al-Awad

Name: Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Awad

Country: Saudi Arabia

Project Location: Saudi Arabia

Project Title : Academy of the Arabian Peninsula

Age: 40 years

Description of the project:

Established an organization to help Saudi youth enter the labor market by providing training courses in English language, along with administrative and computer skills. Also developed community service programs.

The obstacles faced by the entrepreneur:

Competition from companies and educational institutions offering similar training.
Getting projects and tenders.
The concept of training and education in Saudi society.

Project yield:

Training courses in English language, along with administrative and computer skills and community service programs.

Acts of social responsibility contributed via the project:

Providing scholarships for employees the International Symposium of Muslim Youth worth 522,000 Saudi Riyals.
Sponsoring 400 students for English language program at the Ministry of Education.
Sponsored the Arab Orphan Day Care in 2013, providing (50) English language scholarships for the Model Educational Foundation in Riyadh.

Target Customers:

Enthusiastic Saudi youth entering the labor market.
Male and female employees.

The results of the project (employment, contributing to economic value added):

Employment: More than 150 faculty members and approximately 50 male and female employees in the field of management and supervision.
Total volume of business during the last five years is nearly 115 million Saudi Riyals.
Building the capacity and skills of young Saudis seeking to enter the labor market.
Raising the efficiency of male and female employees through specialized courses.

Summary of the initiative:

Innovating new training methodologies and introducing new courses in management science.

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