Dr. Shady F. Khundnh

Name: Dr. Shadi Fuad Khundnh

Country: Saudi Arabia

Project Location: Jeddah - Riyadh

Project Title :  Special Direction Group

(Special Direction Group Of Companies)

Age: 32 years old


  1.     Description the project:
  2.     Established more than 10 diverse business activities.
    Providing commercial services in various regions of the Kingdom in the following areas:
    1 . Management Consulting
    2 . Employment and Labor Recruitment
    3 . Training and Development
    4 . Hotel Operation and Management
    5 . Communications and Content Management
    6 . Restaurants and Fast Food
    7 . Restaurant Management and Operation 
    8 . Real Estate Development
    9 . Business Supply Chain
    10 . Renewable Energy
    11 . Building Security and Safety Control Systems
    In addition to a number of global partnerships throughout Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and France.

The obstacles faced by the entrepreneur:

Difficulty in obtaining government tenders.
Local markets lack product and competitor awareness.
Inefficient decision-making processes by relevant authorities.

Pioneering work products:

Special Direction Group Of Companies trains and develops the skills of citizens, recruits and employs Arabian talent, offers management consulting, actualizes partnership principles with staff, creates a competitive business environment, achieves high financial efficiency, and represents the Kingdom in conferences.

Acts of social responsibility contributed via the project:

Preparing and presenting workshops for students in universities.
The establishment and management of the Friends of the Call.
Management of medical staff during a disaster in Jeddah.
Providing management consulting programs for Chambers of Commerce.
Entrepreneurship support centers in the Kingdom and abroad.
Prepare and train young leaders.
Training young entrepreneurs to exploit opportunities.
Jury member in the contest Be Mhamdia .
Representing the Kingdom on official visits in the delegation of Saudi businessmen with the Council of Saudi Chambers, including:

The delegation of the Council of Saudi Chambers to meet the Italian Secretary of State in 2013.
The delegation of the Council of Saudi Chambers to meet the President of Portugal in 2013.
The delegation of the Council of Chambers of Commerce to meet the Hungarian Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament in 2013.

Target Customers:

Oil and gas sector.
The petrochemical sector.
The industry sector.
The insurance sector.
The real estate sector.
The construction sector.
The medical sector.
Consumer Goods.

The telecommunications sector in each of the following segments:
Government agencies.
Joint-stock companies.
Global companies.
Foreign investment.
Family businesses.

The results of the project (employment , contributing to economic value added):

Training and development of more than 100,000 trainees, and developing the skills of Saudi youth.
Employ more than 3,000 Saudis.
Resettlement of hundreds of jobs in private companies and institutions .
The successful establishment of more than 10 diverse business activities.

Summary of the initiative:

Business leadership in the transition to professionalism.
Tremendous benefit from investment in human capital.
Enhanced service quality.
Develop better business models.
Profit sharing initiative to provide motivation and enthusiasm.
Enriching the work environment.
Introduction of company contract managers.
Support for recruitment of women.


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