Imad A. Al-Masoudi

Name: Imad Abdul-Aziz al-Masoudi
Country: Yemen
City project: Arab Republic of Egypt
Project Title: Akarmab . Com
Age: 28 years

Description pioneering work :

In 2010, he founded the website, an innovative real estate search engine. In 2011 moved to Egypt to begin working on the project professionally, and within two years, it became the largest real estate site in Egypt.

The obstacles faced by the entrepreneur:

  1. The decision to leave his regular job met a lot of opposition.
  2. Difficult decision in choosing the first target market.
  3. Penetrating the Egyptian market.

Project yield:

A real estate search engine that helps real estate companies market their projects and helps individuals to buy and sell real estate without using a broker.

Acts of social responsibility contributed via the project:

Target Customers :

  1. Those interested in buying and selling real estate and real estate companies wishing to display their products.

    The results of the project (employment, contributing to economic value added):

    Has hired 18 employees.
    Sales of more than 3,800 real estate units worth in excess of 2 billion Egyptian pounds.

    Summary of the initiative:

    New solutions for helping Egyptian real estate companies sell their properties.
    The largest real estate website in Egypt.

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