Farah Ali Al Faraj

Name: Farah Ali Al Faraj

Country: Saudi Arabia

Years of experience in the field of mentoring: 7 years


Experiences related to the business sector:

5 years of project management consulting and training.

Expertise and skills guidance:

Provide specialized personal development training programs.
The skills of high-performance and dedication to provide the information.
Best Mentor of the Qatif Commission for Social Development.

Organizations that offer cooperative mentoring:

National Institute of Entrepreneurship (leadership).
Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Fund for women.

The number of entrepreneurs who have been mentored:

Obstacles that I faced in mentoring:

Guidance regarding legal affairs, regulations, and licenses.
Most entrepreneurs have difficulty accepting hat they must develop a plan with deadlines, but I’m usually able to convince them eventually .

My most prominent mentoring cases:

Library Story of the Moon.
Foundation Shells for Exhibitions.
Fancy Cupcake.
Vulva Travel and Tourism.
Blossom Women's Center.
Miss Bow.
Touch the Sky.