Kholod A. Filimban

Name: Kholod Abdulaziz Filimban

Country: Saudi Arabia

Years of experience in the field of mentoring: 4 years

Experiences related to the business sector:

Two years in the BSF.
Two years in the warehouse charity in Jeddah.

Expertise and skills guidance:

Develop the capacity of entrepreneurs to manage their businesses effectively.
Motivate individuals, enterprises, and institutions in the Kingdom and enable them to build entrepreneurial skills and abilities to contribute to an active role in developing plans and programs.
Preparation of studies designed to discover investment opportunities for small businesses.

Organizations that offer cooperative mentoring:

Centennial Fund.

The number of entrepreneurs who have been mentored:

7 entrepreneurs.

Obstacles that I faced in mentoring:

Conversion of productive families to small businesses.
The development of intellectual maturity and creative entrepreneurs in the university stage.
Change the prevailing thought of the job search to find and bring new jobs.
Poor coordination between the official bodies that deal with women entrepreneurs (Ministry of Commerce - government agencies to extract licenses - KIA - Saudi Industrial Development Fund - Chambers of Commerce).


My most prominent mentoring cases:

Ghazi Foundation.
Tammy Sweets.
Azure Foundation for cosmetics.