Abdullah Asiri

Name: Abdullah Mohi Ahmed  Asiri

Country: Saudi Arabia

Years of experience in the field of mentoring: 9 years

Age: 40 years

Experiences related to the business sector:

 7 years in software engineering and project management

Expertise and skills guidance:

Volunteer work and vocational guidance in conjunction with the Centennial Fund. 
Training more than 3,000 trainees. 
Information technology and training course on starting your own business. 

Organizations that offer cooperative mentoring:

Centennial Fund.

The number of entrepreneurs who have been mentored:

6 entrepreneurs.

Obstacles that I faced in mentoring:

The average time period for mentoring:

Between two to three years.

My most prominent mentoring cases:

Fort creativity for the sale and maintenance of computers .
Foundation three business trade service and marketing.
Warehouse project for foodstuffs.