Khalid A. Jizani

Name: Khaled Abdullah Jizani

Country: Saudi Arabia

Age: 45 years old


To advance the Middle Eastern retail sector to a level commensurate with retail sectors as seen in the developed nations.

Project Message: 

Identify unemployment challenges in the retail sector and develop a plan of action to serve our youth and to protect them from social and security challenges.
Idea and vision of the project: 

Establish the first Arab college specializing in retail sciences and educate and train students, graduates, and employees throughout the region. Implement research and design curricula for books in the professional sector and market them globally.

Message of the project: 
Connect education and work by designing educational curricula and training programs that are compatible with the policies and requirements of the labor market through specialized national leadership. 

Product description: 

This project is an educational framework that will arise as the first college in the country and in the Middle East in the retail sector, in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become the largest financial market

The idea of ​​the project: 

Requires the transfer of citizens from the research phase for careers supported by science and vision, in order to achieve stability, psychological well-being, and social and financial responsibility.

General framework of the plan:

Liberating the state that will support this framework to provide this type of vocational education for the first time in the Middle East.

The period of time for implementation of the project:

Six months to launch the project.

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