Muhammad A. Al-Maa'a

Name: Mohammed AbdulRazak Al-Maa'a

Country: Saudi Arabia

Age: 32 years old


Alkon Company 

This is a small industrial project aiming to produce single-use plates of aluminum foil to serve food.


Idea and vision of the project:

  1. The localization of the industry, any industry, no matter how simple or complex.
  2. Our vision is to share and support small industries and assist in the localization of the aluminum industry.

Project Message:

  1.   To deliver a clean and healthy product with suitable quality and an affordable price.
  2. Encourage local production instead of importation.

Product description:

  1. An emerging project aims to produce single-use aluminum food containers.
  2. This product is vital and a healthy alternative to plates made of plastic and Styrofoam, which could contain elements that are not suitable for the human consumption when exposed to high temperatures.

General framework of the plan:

To work according local and international regulations and norms that do not contrast with the Islamic norms and morals.

The time period for the plan of action:

One year.

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