Amal Sulaiman Abdel-Rahman Al-Romeh



Like many other girls, I worked as a School teacher in a private school, but I was not happy with myself. Despite my love for my specialty (English literature), but my love for investment in education surpassed it. I didn’t want to be a teacher or an employee who was dictated on what to do all the time.  I had new ideas and ambitions in the field of education  so I decided to endure the hardships and go up the ladder of trade and investment through the noblest project to realize my dream and become a businesswoman serving my religion and nation with my own effort and money.

My beginnings in the market was through setting up training courses in coordination with the trainers and centers that can assess such activities. Then I went onto the field of education - where I noticed the huge rush to private education- because of the inadequacy of public schools . After some discussion with my husband we founded together the Generosity National School for Boys. We started the school four years ago with the aim of creating a generation of boys who appreciate their religious origins and who respect  the values of Islam. We faced some challenges in the first two years including the difficulty of municipal procedures and licenses, as well as a complaint from a neighbor which resulted in the closure of the school for a whole year , causing me a financial crisis. Thank God I was able to overcome my problems by working hard and not giving up.

During the first three years of school I have noticed an increasing number of students in each year. Due to the lack of public schools and private schools in middle and secondary phases I have decided that Generosity National School for Boys should open middle and secondary sections. This will happen very son god willing.

To make sure that the project is successful I have joined a program at “shell” to study the feasibility of and the project. The results were satisfactory in the first years and impressive in subsequent years. My advice to new entrepreneurs  is to have trust in God and to never give up. It is important to plan well and do a feasibility study before beginning the project which will help turning the project to reality.

finally I thank God first and the Centennial Fund, which is one of the leading institutions that helps young people and directs their creative energies to create a new generation of entrepreneurs and thus new job opportunities for unemployed youth.  I also thank His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah on this award that allowed me the opportunity to present my project in front of a large segment of society, thus contributing to its development.


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