Lojain Mohammed Talhat Al-Jibawi


He employed his talent and his passion for information technology to develop his of studies which was dentistry. Since childhood he was obsessed with designing programming and business management. As a result he integrated his hobbies with studying through designing the first Arab reference three-dimensional anatomy of the head and neck, in 2001. He then worked on the founding of the first Arabic dental site 2002 (Osinank.nt www. asnanak.net), which turned into the first media partner for the largest Arab Digital Dentistry gallery in the world (IDS) in Germany and the third largest dental exhibition in the world and first in the Arab world.

He then continued after the work on the site developed it to become the first site in Syria presenting  the results of academic tests for students via the Internet and on mobile phone via SMS. This helped in the introduction of technology and the Internet to college - College of Dentistry at the University of Damascus-through the formation of the first volunteer team to develop information technology in dentistry .

Volunteering plays a role in the life of every entrepreneur:

His initiatives had the greatest impact in its entirety and society and as a result he started another initiative called "Comprehensive Sunni outreach project" where more than 40 orthodontic doctors and students  visit orphanages and spend the whole day with them while giving them entertaining health program and workshops . Full oral checkup is done to all children and recorded in specialized files, the cases are then studied and full free treatment is given when necessary. The number of cases treated at the time reached more than 2,500 orphans. It has been  nominated for Sheikh Hamdan Award for volunteer work as the best volunteer project in Syria. 

Combining medicine, programming and publishing in press:

After being awarded his PhD in Dentistry  he continued to study to gain a diploma of specialization in the field of oral surgery and jaws, and he then launched a printed magazine named (Modern Dentistry). It was the first scientific journal published in Arabic and English languages as a contribution to support the Arab scientific content and the localization of medical science. He is still the editor in chief of the magazine till today.

Professionalism in the field of technology and applications:

Because the technology is a hobby that stayed with him throughout the period of the study he decided to develop it as he worked with and dental students.  He received  the opportunity to innovate the European Union delegation site for the development of higher education in Syria. He has held charge of it since its launch in 2007 until the closure of the European Union delegation in Syria because of the situation there.

With the continuous development in the field of technology he continued to watch out for any developments to be able to apply unique ways of research and successfully implement new ways of dental implants. Because of the scarcity of Arabs programmers at that time he had to learn programming for iPhone language and he integrated it in his job as a doctor. He them established a independent company for the development of Arabic applications which was based in London and holds iArabi LTD name. It quickly became one of the largest applications for Arabic IPhone providers: www.i3rabi.com

His company was able to produce dozens of applications whether for major companies (such as channel Space Toon Arab and the British Medical Association or the Arab Cultural Center in Spain) or independently such as applications via the Apple App Store. Perhaps the most prominent of these applications was the development of the largest encyclopedia for the interpretations of the Qur’an on portable devices. It is a book of fifteen volumes, featuring thirty parts just like the parts of the Qur’an. The owner of the publication was paid and died an hour later! It was Sheikh Mahmoud al-Homsi who passed away in 1985, we benefited from his scientific work and were able to put in one application. Such efforts before him were towards “tajweed” only however al-homsi was different in that he interpreted the Qur’an.

This application has won the award for the best design of an application of the Arab world within Mobily competition for application developers in 2012 and achieved nearly 700 thousand downloads.

Development of the first Arabic application to identify the Arabic speech:

After the launch of Apple's Siri system  it was a shock that they haven’t added the Arabic language. However he decided to address this challenge along with the co-founder Susan Saed and a team of intelligent professionals. They all worked on the development of the first system that can understand the Arab voice. After three years of continuous work they were able to develop the strongest system that understands the Arabic language across the world.  It was even more accurate and stronger than those owned by google or Apple in specialized fields. More importantly, they understand all Arabic dialect and works without connecting to the internet.

The war his country was going through didn’t prevent him from working on his project with the team and fulfilling all conditions necessary for its success.  He was even able to reap the numerous international awards  including the prize from the World Bank in Finland and another in Malaysia.

The integration of technology onto education :

With this stunning development in the field of voice interaction, they decided to incorporate this technology in the development of education and link it to entertainment as well . As a result the first intelligent Arab doll was created, it was Powered by iPhone, iPad  and it understands Arabic speech and slang. It interacts with the child by speech and movement creating a unique experience for Arab children. The game will contain a rich content of informative and educational stories and adventures. This doll is being subjected to experiments on groups of children today to make sure it covers the needs of Arab children and is of benefit. Efforts are being made to release the doll in the month of July of this year.

This doll won  in Malaysia an award in cooperation with the US government,  it also won first place in the Arab challenge for mobile applications in Doha in 2014. Afull reportage was done on the doll in sky news channel.

ESCWA University and Abu Dhabi University has an inspiring success story:

His achievements were a  source of inspiration in many of his seminars, which talked about the integration between medicine and entrepreneurship and his contributions in the technical content and support of the Arabic language. 

He was most recently chosen by ESCWA and the University of Abu Dhabi as a success story to inspire entrepreneurs in the launching DAC 2014contest ceremony. He was also chosen as a lecturer for the development of mobile applications in the Arab Mobileshow Gallery 2014.

Some of the awards received:

Innovation Award for Young Entrepreneurs - JCI International GIST 2010

Best Growing Project Award in 2011 Shell Competition

Best design application in the Arab world within Mobily competition for application developers in 2012 Award

Global Innovation Award by Science and Technology in the World Summit on Entrepreneurship in Malaysia 2013

Arab challenge for Mobile Applications Award 2014


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