Amina Abdulmajed Yousif Alhawaj


Biography of the Bahraini inventor Amina Hawwaj

She is the first Bahraini inventor, inaugurated by the global organization for inventions as the first ambassador of invention in the world. She is the first Arab to get this position while owning three medical inventions integrated, and designing three software programs.

During the journey of not less than seven years, she was able to face all challenges and difficulties and engage in the world of research and studies to prove the actual value of her inventions.

Today, she is one of the brilliant famous names for youth Entrepreneurship in the world, with many faithful lectures to inspire young people, and strengthen the role of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Out of the real belief that everything can be achieved by the will and hard work, Amina established her company "possible" for inventions and studies and research. It  produces  inventions in Germany, markets them and further studies and researches them.

Academic certificates:

Currently  finishing her postgraduate studies in doctorate at Leeds Metropolitan University in London

She holds a Fellowship of the Royal Medical Society of London

Bachelor's degree in physical therapy from Ahlia University in Bahrain

General Secondary School Certificate from Isa City Girls Secondary School (Science Section)








Award of "Inventors of the Year" from the Inpex Universal Exhibition of Inventions in the United States in 2014

Gold medal at the Inpex Universal Exhibition of Inventions in America, the largest inventions exhibition in the world in 2014

Archimedes Award as the best young scientist in 2014 - Moscow

Gold Medal for the best inventor in Archimedes gallery for inventions, science and technology in 2014

A special award from the Archimedes World Club as the best scientific figure for 2014

Best invention in the world  from the Global organization for inventors in 2013

Gold medal at the XIII World British Exhibition for Inventions

Moscow Organization Cup as the best inventor for 2013

Best inventor in the world for the year 2011 award presented by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Gold medal with a first class honors  in the fourth exhibition of investors in the Middle East in 2011

Best first place inventor  from the Patent Office in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) of the General Gulf Secretariat in 2011

First place for the category of scientific innovation award by Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Youth Creativity in 2011

Silver medal at the Universal Exhibition of Inventions in Germany 2012

A certificate from Nova World Organization as  "the best growing inventor of the world" in 2012

Work experience:

Owner of the company “possible” for inventions, studies and research. (Bahrain - Germany - Austria)

A member of the Business Women's Committee in the House of merchants.

Head of Business Development at the National Association of innovation.

Specialist in training and development in Zain company in Bahrain.

Has given numerous lectures for young people seeking to promote the concept of the invention and creativity. Her aim is to encourage them to go take occupy such positions, through several institutions such as the Ministry of Social Development, and the center of the talented people in the Ministry of Education, and several other private institutions.

Participated in the program supported by the Qatar Stars Foundation and reached the highest rankings, where she was the only woman who has reached as the final qualifier.

Worked voluntarily as a Specialist Physiotherapist for several hospitals in Bahrain, Qatar, Germany and Austria.