Sarah Bint AbdelRazik Al-Otaibi



My target when I first established the first branch of “cupcake”  wasn’t to build a company with  4 brands in the food and beverage sector.

The main objective was to find a simple shop that provided my children and my relatives with sweets and baked goods made with the highest quality and ingredients that are comparable to the world’s famous cakes and sweets shops. It was just about feeding  my love for sweets, baked goods and works of art craft.

Away from the world of unhealthy nutrition and in the midst of the world of baked goods I learned  the painful truths about the manufacturing mechanism of most baked goods available in the local markets. Owners of bakeries were keen to increase profits and reduce costs, which accordingly led to reducing the nutritional value and the level and quality of what we consume.

However, I also learned that there are certainly better ways, so I worked on the development of the basic ingredients. We met factories specialized in domestic poultry for the production and supply of eggs pasteurized using healthy and sustainable technologies. We were also committed to providing a list of top crude suppliers in the region. Our interest was to develop partnerships with these  producers as key factor in the sustainability of our products and quality.

We are proud of our achievements and what we accomplished  but there is still a long way ahead of us.

"Best Bakery" is a commitment that gave us a permanent, continuous research process  and work to ensure the improvement of our products, environment and society. It’s a promise for running the business in a peaceful and friendly way. This is the philosophy that guides all our decisions.

The opening of the first store of “cupcake” was in 2008 as the first specialized in the production of a brand Cupcake in the eastern region.

The idea started when a young couple noticed a gap in the world of baking and decided to establish  the first Saudi brand specializing in the manufacture of small cakes with multiple sizes and flavors.

After the widespread success and desirability of the project, eight branches opened and four are under construction in various regions of the Kingdom.

After the expansion of their project  the couple decided to engage in activities outside the realm of bakery as well. They have opened a cafe in the city of Khobar called “pastel” and after notable success they opened another café with a different idea than any other.

The store “cupcake” was the first shop that specializes in cupcakes offering offers more than 25 different flavor made from the finest local products. To the present time, there are 10 branches of the service in the eastern central region.

Pastel cafe was opened in 2010 to be the first of its kind in the cafe Kingdom, with the European character of the old cafe. Pastel offers a large collection of cakes and the opportunity to design wedding and special event cakes.

Since the opening of the eye Cafe in 2012, the cafe famous Arabic ambience of the modern character that blends between the present and the past with large morphological types of the finest cakes and Arabic ornaments and foreign. In addition to this, the menu contains at Cafe eye on a wide range of Arab and foreign dishes to go along with the general atmosphere.

Aioli Lounge is our new development, which opened this year. The restaurant has stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the city of Khobar, in addition to a long list of the best local and international cuisine. The restaurant has a view of the Gulf sessions in both the ground and first floor which makes it unique.

Difficulties and challenges:

  1. Entering the field of the production of food and beverages was full of challenges and obstacles, especially that the scientific and practical background are very different from the real life experiences in the application process.

    For that reason we had to take the time and effort to read and study the market and the opportunities along with the secrets of this area and its requirements.

  2. It was necessary that we make every effort to compete with largest companies that have years of experience in this field with a wide customer base and sales channels. We developed a list of the variety of different products, and new ways of marketing. We then studied the users of social media channels to reach the our target consumers.The difficulty in the availability of primary resources in the form of both raw materials or information had the greatest impact in draining the largest share of our effort and energy. This was to try and build each brand to reach the highest international standards

  3. The presence of international exhibitions and the communication with experts in this field had the greatest impact on the development that we aspired for.

  4. The training and employment of people in this area is a challenges that we face every day in this sector. The training and empowering of workers helped a lot in maintaining the quality of services and products in light of the scarcity of these resources.

  5. Another challenge is the governmental and administrative requirements and adaptation of the regulations in light of these government departments’ emergence.


The most prominent aspects of entrepreneur and innovation:

  1. Perhaps the most striking character carried by any entrepreneur is converting the problems faced every day and turning them to opportunities that serve the community and that bring him financial and moral profitability.

  2. A full commitment to the implementation of these ideas in real life while insisting on winning the challenge in light of the obstacles that may be encountered.

  3. The ability to development and innovate in every project and to adapt and keep pace with the changes that govern the market and the consumer.

  4. Create interactive marketing channels through which the employer can measure the success of consumer products and ideas.

The main lessons to be taught to younger people:

  1. The most important advice provided to me by my husband is to always have optimism and confidence.

  2. Trust each idea with all the your efforts, imagination and in every way.

  3. Find the greatest moral support from within and from those around you to be able face the difficulties and challenges.

  4. Study all related information and previous experiences that could facilitate any difficulties or challenges.


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