Tarek Hussein Kamel Mansor


My passion for computers has led me to start with learning computer development languages and working  in a number of companies as an application developer. I worked with local companies and ended up with experience that helped me work with international companies

At one point during my busy life and continuous work I realized that the contribution to the enriching of the Arab content in Arabic program development is trivial. The efforts being made count to almost nothing.  I asked myself, isn’t it imperative that I contribute my time to help my nation and participate in the spreading of knowledge?

God will definitely ask me about my work and what I did to improve the world around me especially after all his blessings. For these reasons, I started some projects with the sole intention of enriching and developing my society.

It all started with a prayer  that works on Windows and it was called ( My Prayer), this application was a reminder of prayers times created in a distinctive way.  The application has been already distributed was met with great success. It has also spread all over the Arab world that each Muslim owner has the application on his/her computer. 

With this great success and the enormous number of downloads, I decided to expand the work site and I created a comprehensive code of the application while keeping pace with the technological advances of that time.

I did all that while keeping my original job as an application developer. As I mentioned before my main goal was to benefit the community and participate in developing it.  I then started thinking about the next step and heard, like everyone else, about the technology of the iPhone mobiles in 2007. I knew it was going to be issued abroad and I bought it from outside Egypt. Despite how expensive it was compared to other mobile phones, but I learned that it was a revolution in the phone technology.

However, I felt that I have to be part of this success and immediately started thinking about the development of Arabic and Muslim applications designed to work on this phone. I started working on creating prayer applications and teaching Arab youth how to use them. I decided to start creating a draft of an Islamic iPhone with applications even before the iPhone was officially released in the global market.

With my experience in development of applications I collaborated with a friend in a process of Arabization the iPhone. It was one of the most difficult job that I have ever done in my life but the mist rewarding. Thus smart phones spread rapidly throughout the Arab world.

After a period of proliferation and success of the project it was necessary to continue its development in accordance to each update issued by Apple. As a result I decided leave my job and dedicate myself to working professionally and ensuring its continuation and success. Even though I used to get a very high salary but I took the risk in order to accomplish more with the iPhone technology.  I issued a price on the Arabic version, which increased success reaching more than half a million dollars in profits. The next logical step though was to create a company, a working group and expanding the business.

The opening of the company (MIM) was in the year 2010 and the company consisted of editors, designers and developers. However Apple started officially supporting the Arabic language because of the large number of Arab users. We immediately started the next challenge of developing high quality Arabic applications to significantly contribute in enriching the Arabic content. Within four years we created more than fifty applications for the iPhone and Android.  In addition their sales led to enormous profits, which helped us in producing free applications to participate in helping the society.

Now we have several sites, including iPhone Islam and the site App-Ad which represents an Arabic application store. The company generates profits and could expand more with our growing experience each year.  We have a company that makes every Arab proud that started for the sake of helping and developing the society.



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