Thame Bin Ahmed Bin Hassan Al-Farshoty


Thamer Bin Ahmed Bin Hassan Al-Farshoty

A young leading Saudi entrepreneur, he first received the award of the most insistent entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Labor. He is the vice chairman of the Young Businessmen Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah and a member of the National Committee of Young Businessmen and a social activist to educate young people about entrepreneurship and about the culture of self-employment. He is the owner and founder of the institution called  "ADMA" which began classes with a capital of SR 300, thus it succeeded in creating five institutions within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its considered one of the fastest-growing  small and medium-sized company while employing more than 800 people.

I haven’t reached this success easily, it all started since childhood when I was always impressed by the capabilities of entrepreneurs an what they could do to change themselves and their communities. My parents supported me and my education helped me progress, and succeed. They always pushed me to be more intellectual and raised the ceiling of my ambitions. I am trying to achieve part of this dream every day of my life.  

Like most young independent  Saudi man, who are trying to prove themselves and their abilities to work I had many experiences, attempts, challenges and worked very hard. I faced many difficulties, losses, failures and difficult moments where at some point in my life I didn’t have more than SR 300 in my pocket.  However, as it has been said that success is born from the womb of failure I did not give up. I believed in my ability to persevere and move towards realizing my dream.  I considered every failure a stop  that helped me think about how to succeed again. I found my investment opportunity, because opportunities always come your way as long as you persist and succeeding.

I Undoubtedly faced various difficulties including high risk and great responsibility that required long hours and continuous work and effort. There was also the problem of funding because you need continued funding to help in the advancement of your project especially in the beginning. Another difficulty is the continuing and regular recycling of resources in the project to guarantee success.  Lastly I faced a difficulty in collection, it’s one of the most time consuming and effortful  processes let alone the psychological factors like depression. Thus without failure we wouldn’t have known what success is. This does not mean that we should fail but we should try and strive even if failure hits us. People shouldn’t panic when failing instead they should try again and continue with the determination to succeed.  In the beginning of my career in the field of business I fell down many times and an example of that was when I failed four times in the hardware trade portable project I owned. In addition I abandoned  a number of the highest ranking jobs in order to achieve my dream.

I would like to mention some of the success factors, both on a personal level such as the confidence, determination and patience, persistence and self-development and at the working level such as identifying targets , studying  feasibility including the logistical, financial and technical aspects of the project and acquiring the skills necessary to launch EDM. In addition you should have the expertise in planning and organizing all details even the chances of failure.

Saudi Arabia is a promising country with a fertile and rich environment for starting in the small and medium enterprises, which constitute the bulk of the private sector.  Therefore the Saudi government paid great attention to those with small and medium-sized enterprises and provided many ways to finance or personally develop or even assist in the creation of the projects . An example of that would be the small and medium enterprise management in the Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah. They had a big role in providing me with education, orientation, courses, and free consultation. Moreover  the Centennial Fund and the Ministry of Labor and the various programs and other great initiatives helped all young entrepreneurs throughout the years in accelerating businesses and improving facilities.

To this moment I do not consider myself to have reached my dream and achieved my goals. The road is still long and hard but I will fight and work to survive and succeed with insistence and optimism. I also dream of spreading the entrepreneurial culture by participating in a number of community events and developmental programs aimed at young people.  I try to help through the development of some of programs and initiatives, such as the bureaucracy, "appreciate" the initiative "We are all visionaries," and also by participating in the chambers of commerce and public and private forums in order to achieve the desired culture and to inspire many towards success and entrepreneurship.  

And I say to the young, aspiring, successful, positive and distinguished men and women that if you work for success you will achieve it. Working with successful examples and learning from them will help you benefit, discuss and consult stimulating processes. I also  advise to work on any problem they face and transform their difficulties into learning opportunities.  Many times the problems and challenges people face are simple but they convince themselves it isn’t and that it’s impossible to solve. Why exaggerate things and create problems from nothing? Let's try and think of a better solutions and confront our problems with bravery and a positive attitude.

Be innovative and have an inspiring passion for your work and you will be amazed by the results.


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