Khalid Waleed Khalid Al-Khudair


Vision: Glowrork company aspires to become a leader in the empowerment and promotion of women in the labor in the market all around Middle East.

Message: Assists women in obtaining the desired functionality in all parts of the Middle Eastern countries.

The company's goals:

  1. To be classified as a crucial step in career counseling throughout the of employment

  2. Glowork aims to increase cooperation they have between the government and the private sector to increase productivity in the labor market.

  3. To work with charities to help those affected by unemployment.

  4. Assist universities and colleges and schools in developing and guiding students in their careers.

  5. Aims at successfully providing 50,000 job opportunities over the next five years.

The reasons behind the emergence of Glowork company:

Everyone was wondering about the reason for my passion and investment  to  initiate a company  specialized in creating career opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia. There are many reasons to start such an initiative, but nothing could explain my reasons more of my personal story. One of my sisters have graduated from a prestigious university, and I knew that she would have difficulty finding a job. I offered to help her, ensuring that my professional relations will her find a suitable qualified job. Although I offered my best help she refused any intermediates explaining, "The high grades II obtained will help me get a job."

She spent seven months in an attempt to get an interview, but failed. The reason for this is due to the difficulty of availability of transportation and in addition to the law that doesn’t allow men and women to mix in the workplace. Thus she was forced to leave her resume with the security man of the company so he would deliver it to the human resources department. Unfortunately though her resumes never reached the departments. After that she decided to start her postgraduate studies for a  master’s degree in hopes that she would find a suitable job  without any favoritism. It made me wonder, if men find a hard time getting a job what would women do?

Those questions led me to start my career in a company that provides consulting services to make the appropriate research after understanding the obstacles and problems to women's employment. Through the research findings to a study conducted by Booz company and its partners in 2007, which says that only 15% of the workforce are women. This number was a surprise to me and I decided that I should conduct my own research.  I started  a focus group that included CEOs, chief executive and employers from human resources. They all  faced the same problem when it came to employing women which was they couldn’t find ways to reach women who are looking for jobs.  There was a gap between the work market and the education sector. I then examined some innovative ways to bridge this gap. And from this platform Glowork company was created, a unique way that offers  women  jobs through its website.  Thus it helped in solving the great obstacles women face when applying for a job that is appropriate with their qualifications.  When the company originated I was familiar with the difficulties and challenges that were coming my way especially since I was attempting a change in the cultural norms. The company has provided women's jobs in many sectors through our website. This affected the society and opened the door for the change in our culture. It also helped women find jobs and get paid thus   increasing household income and increasing their purchasing power.

In addition,  the Minister of Labor Adel Faqih worked on an innovative strategy to increase the female workforce through cooperating with Gelourk company. The strategy included  trying to increase the proportion of diversity in the labor market and give women career opportunities. This helped in the enforcement of new legislation that create vacancies women with and leadership roles.

Methods applied by the company to overcome the obstacles:

Social barriers pushed Glowork company to develop solutions in order to overcome such obstacles and  empower women in the business sector in the Saudi society. It’s is the first company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specializing in connecting job seekers with available jobs via the Internet, and in addition to that, the company has created a program to work from home, which led to increased opportunities in finding a suitable job. That helped in the process of economic growth and development of women educationally and scientifically.

Furthermore, when the company was being founded, it faced many challenges and social issues.  However,  I looked at all the obstacles that existed as an opputrunity that could be utilized in the development of the project.  Today Glowrk works to raise intellectual awareness of the areas that women can work in, and the impact of work’s environment  on production increase. Moreover, women get prepared for jobs through the guidance they receive after their initial interview in Glowork. Thus It becomes a sort of training that helps them avoid making the same mistakes when conducting the second interview in an interested company. In addition, Glowork holds workshops for women and help train them on the process of the recruitment and pushes them to rely on themselves.

Awards received by the company:

Glowork ranked as the best educational program by the Arab Investment Summit

Winning the first prize by the International Labor Organization, World Bank, UN as the best project that will help provide jobs for Saudi women and also classified as the best innovative solutions in providing jobs for women all over the world

Glowork was chosen in Economic Forum as the best scientific project that will help create equality between men and women

Executive Chairman of Glowork company  is one of the members in the Executive Committee of the Ministry of Labour and contributed in giving solutions  put forward to promote and empower women in the business sector.

Won a prize by Forbes Middle East Award as the best growing project in providing solutions to the problems of unemployment

Chosen as one of the members of the “Ashoka” and the youngest entrepreneur and member of the advisory to represent the Middle East at the World Economic Forum

Glowork company won Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah International Prize as the best existing project in 2014


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