Mohammed Abdulhussain Shaikh Alasfoor



Mohammed has been in the commercial field in Bahrain for several decades and has enjoyed phenomenal success with his hard work, creativity and strong business acumen.

His most recent success story is the creation of the House of Designer Shaik which has catapulted him into the global hemisphere and is the brainchild which has allowed him to pursue his passion for design and artistry.

The brand itself is the achievement to compete internationally with limited local resources. Developing internal infrastructure, bringing resources to the local market, technically linking DS, customers and business partners and transmitting knowledge.

The future challenges are to develop more sophisticated products with more technical control on the industrial side.

The Designer Shaik collection reflects the Arabian culture and heritage of which Mohammed is so proud, whilst at the same time capturing cutting edge technology. His lavish collection of jewelled fragrances and out tanding retail campaigns have won him internationally acclaimed awards.

The knowledge that he has gathered over the years from his extensive travels and his naturally inquisitive mind have been the driving force behind the success of the Designer Shaik Empire. He is disciplined, a problem solver, a team leader and a personality that can communicate internationally. Through continuous experimentation, research and development of technical knowledge, overseeing and leading his creative team, has lead him to motivate and achieve goals.  

The brand has matured and developed, and he has invested in the latest technology applications using advanced machinery such as the 5 axis CNC machine, 3D printers for prototyping, fabric printing, 3D design software such as DELCAM and Solidworks. The ERP system is used to link activities, manage HR and CRM, advancing the link in communication with customers and suppliers.

High caliber international standard professionals are employed, ensuring efficiency in our processes and quality control, keeping in line with international standards mandated by ISO, GMP.

His vision of luxury products has ventured into the field of wristwatches and accessories with a fabulous collection of leather goods, silk ties, scarves and semi-precious jewellery. He is in the process of changing the environment to a   self-contained   creative village with many facilities and workshops that will introduce skills and technologies to create a link between the society and the brand. The Media Creative Village will promote and educate future generations in human resources and business, striving for excellence in the way resources are managed and utilised. This is a continuing challenge to improve Bahrainisation, always complying with the Ministry of Labor requirements.

He is now building an infrastructure developing separate plants in perfumery, water, watches and leather. Good Manufacturing Practices guide him to conduct the ethically correct tests both locally and internationally.

He focuses on the personality of the brand, this being the desert prince - The Shaik. He is writing a book on the life of The Shaik, his personality, his symbols and his brand, allowing global recognition and making this luxury product stand out and compete in the most prestigious places around the world. Presence is exceptionally important in all retail outlets, using the latest materials, ensuring unique and recognisabe displays. This ensures product quality and loyalty to customers.


DS continues to grow by approximately 40% per year and is located in 50 countries, serving over 800 points of sale.

He inspires today’s youth emphasizing on the need for great leadership skills, development in craftsmanship, technical management, manufacturing, selling and being motivated by passion.

He always had a real flair for business and started venturing into many small businesses in the earlier stage of his career. He is an avid reader and traveler… he graduated from the ‘University of Life’ with flying colours!


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