Nasser Mohamed Salah Al-Jasmi


The idea of establishing my own company was a dream that I had with great ambitions. I wanted to start  a media company in an integrated media platform for the implementation of creative ideas. Thank god, through the practical experience I  gained from my work with my father and through working for over twelve years in marketing and communication and media fields in both the public and private sectors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, I was able to turn my dream into reality establishing "Zone Group" in 2006.

The idea of founding the group came to my mind after realizing the increasing growth rates for the business sector in Abu Dhabi. However, it lacked the presence of media, marketing and advertising fields at the local market . I felt the needs for the presence of distinguished services in these fields in national companies, this prompted me to establish my company achieve success and contribute to supporting the national economy of the state.

With the establishment of the company we  had to be put a specific vision to achieve success so we started building a vision and certain goals. We wanted to meet the needs of our customers and reach  high-quality information and marketing services that would make the company a leading choice in the region.  To achieve this vision we relied initially on the concept of "competitive Triangle," which includes innovation, creativity, productivity. This was implemented on various operations, both in terms of the accuracy of the delivery dates, or the adoption of the highest quality standards. We were able to implement this concept with distinction. Under our operational strategies e we established specialized internal departments including, design department, and the department of research and production, and the Department of Administration, and the Department of coordination and communication with customers.

Like any start-up company, we have been confronted with many challenges in the beginning, but we were able to overcome them due to the accumulated knowledge and experience and after numerous experiments. We were able to turn every obstacle in our way to an outstanding opportunity to develop and expand the business. They have become the foundation of a solid strong start towards achieving successive successes.

As we started operating the company we noticed a clear and evident dependence on outside suppliers as third parties. Thus such an issue came with certain risks including problems of rising prices,  delayed delivery, and poor quality. Therefore we implemented proactive steps within the five-year strategic plan for the expansion of the Group's business.  We took advantage of the financing of the Khalifa Fund to support projects, and we used it to establish a workshop production integrated within the group itself so we could exclude any  outsourcing parties. Thus giving us the desired output with high quality, accurate delivery, and competitive prices.

With the advent of the global economic crisis in the past few years, the emergence of many challenges and difficulties interfaced various economic sectors, however we have succeeded in transforming this great challenge to a real test to show our skills. We worked on using this crisis as a gateway to expand our business, which was different than what many companies did at that time. We employed  several factors to achieve success including, the falling real estate prices, the availability of various resources at low prices, and the continuing need for qualified local expertise to succeed in the promotion of the status of "Zone Group". We successfully established our company as one of the few national companies in Abu Dhabi capable of major global publicity and advertising, providing integrated services with high quality competition.

Or success factors included the founding of the company "Platinum Touch" in Dubai in 2009 and the opening of the group's office in Saudi Arabia in 2010, and the establishment of a renaissance Emirates Printing Press in 2011, and the founding of the company, "Gold Land Gift" for gifts in 2012.

With the inclusion of all of these companies and looking towards the future in order to improve our performance, there came a need to promote a new vision of the services provided by all companies within the framework of the administrative systems developed. I worked with some of my experienced team to launch the name "++ 1.7” which will bring together all  these companies effectively under one umbrella, and reduce operating costs significantly leading to a positive impact on the Group's performance. This will help us to better manage resources, improve communication and coordination process and progress more in the functioning of the companies. It will also directly affect an increase in corporate assets and therefore will cause an increase in sales and will effectively improve the performance levels in the marketing field.

We have already begun the first steps towards achieving this vision through the development of the group at the beginning of this year.

We continue to work on a high spirit and great aspirations for the future to bring more prosperity and excellence to the group. I personally have absolute confidence in the group's work team, and believe fully in their abilities and skills of creativity and innovation. I'm working on managing and directing the team on an ongoing basis to take advantage of all the opportunities, overcome various difficulties, and convert every challenge to the story of an impressive success.

I call on all young people to pursue their dreams, whatever looks great or far-fetched, because you can’t achieve success without hard work.  We are committed to our faith in the vision of the UAE to rehabilitate and prepare young Emirati leaders to be pioneers and leaders in the future. We are ready to provide support and advice for each of the youth’s needs to encourage younger generation to achieve success.


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