Asmaa Abdel-Ghaffar Khalil Ghaith


From the challenges that entrepreneurs face after starting their projects is presenting their strategic plan. Entrepreneurs are usually  frustrated in the beginning as a result of the difficulties they face. Moreover the working team may have difficulties agreeing on certain terms which could lead to the disintegration of the team and the failure of the project.  In any case I always find solutions to such problems. However, I  don’t deny that it’s a real challenge in the market.  For that I reason I recommend that entrepreneurs  attend relevant workshops to their businesses and or lectures and seminars set up by universities or ministries. One of the difficulties I encountered was entrepreneur leading the project with their own strategic plan thus each member of the group works on his own creating a dysfunctional project.

One of the most prominent aspects of being a mentor are having  techniques to negotiate about project ideas and potential risks in the early stages. In addition to converting  mere ideas that could be based in another state to fit the desired market. Even if the project is non-profitable it must suit the culture and environment. It is also important to alert entrepreneurs on risks that strongly affect their businesses and follow up on their current experiences. They should be aware of their of short-term risks and current problems. In spite of the existence of these risks that innovation in guiding entrepreneurs toward solutions is the most important step in my success.

Some cases in which I had the honor to mentor:

Seedlings project: the development of greenhouses

Giant Worm Project: Natural Fertilizer

Steps to train students of geography project: the creation of new job opportunities for graduates of non-teaching departments of geography (non-profitable project)

Land Survey Project for business space: the business space and inventory quantities

“Ana Awla B hlawteha” project:  to stimulate domestic tourism in the Arab Republic of Egypt (scientific and environmental and historical)

Project connections: to reduce congestion and transportation costs

Recycling: solid waste management

SST Lab project: a laboratory for the development of private space science research

Business training: -

  1. How to deal with difficult people at Global Entrepreneurship Week
  2. Lectures on innovative ideas at AFS
  3. Lectures on critical thinking Aviation Institute