Khalid bin Saed Saleh Al-Zahrani


Personal data:

Entrepreneur/ Khalid bin Saeed Al-Zahrani

He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.

He holds a fellowship at King Saud University Entrepreneurship.

Had the privilege of getting awarded by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King / Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Awarded by His Royal highness Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz.

Awarded by His Royal highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

Awarded by the Minister of Higher Education.

Owner of the first technical company based on innovation from Riyadh Technological Valley in King Saud University.

He holds a patent from King Abdulaziz City.

He holds the grand prize in the Innovation Exhibition of 2013

Overcoming the challenges

The real and difficult challenge for me in this experience was how to transform an idea into a product and make it a commercial investment  under very modest possibilities and limited experiences. However I was able to succeed through research and development, patience and determination to achieve my goals.

During my career I've had the challenge of finding  qualified human resources for research and development purposes, but after the help from some faculty members at King Saud University I was able to overcome this difficulty.

Our concern from the beginning of the journey was that our product or at least part of it be manufactures locally. We a national factory that helped us a lot and today it’s the factory that produces electronic systems in educational facilities, it’s a Saudi industry of high quality.

Lessons learned from my experience:

Seek the help of God and never hesitate to take risks.

Take advantage of the opportunities available because they may never come back.

Take advantage of the expertise in the various scientific, legal, business and other fields.

Make sure that success is not limited to one and has no boundaries.

Realize that whenever you are criticized by others that you are in the right way.

Be confident in yourself and your abilities and you will be respected and appreciated by everyone.

Learn and always tried to put alternative plans.

• The clarity of vision, plan and determination, will guarantee your success.

• Know that failure is a new opportunity for you to think in a new different way.

• I recommend attending the specialized exhibitions, scientific conferences and training sessions.


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