Best Inventor

Best Inventor

It is an award dedicated to unique owners of creative inventions in all activities that are concerned in entrepreneurship, economics, enhancing society and other innovations such as services, industrial, technological such as robotics, three dimensions, creative innovations, and social entrepreneurship which represents a real contribution and added value to the economy, society and the business sector.

Invention must be the property of the inventor and has to prove it; moreover it should be an outlet and not just a plan or ideas written on papers. Invention must be presented on the ground.

Award Conditions

  1. Candidate should be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Innovation should be deployed while positives have been shown on the society and the target market, regardless of its size.
  3. To have a clear and distinct innovative efforts in the development of the innovation and its implementation.
  4. Innovation must be tangible and have an impact on society, environment, and economy.

Required Documents

1. CV.

2. Scientific certification and training courses.

3. Certificate from an official recognition demonstrates innovation.

4. Ownership proves.

5. Innovation explanation (in four A4 pages) limits.

General Conditions

  1. The nominee should be alive at the time of nomination.
  2. The nominee should comply with the Award conditions, and adhere to them.
  3. The nominee should complete the electronic participation form.
  4. The nominee should adhere to the schedule approved by the Award Secretariat.
  5. The nominee should provide the required information and facilitate the mission of the assessors during the personal interview.
  6. The nominee’s project should match the Award objectives, targets, programs, and instructions.
  7. The nominee should complete the nomination application clearly and submit it before the application deadline.
  8. The nominee should present all nomination documentation, including the form and the required attachments, in both Arabic and English.
  9. The nominee should adhere to the special conditions of the Award categories.
  10. The nominee should be aware that immoral projects will not be accepted.

General Terms

  1. Applications are accepted from a person himself, any concerned organizations, fund establishments, or entrepreneur mentors, according to the requirements and nature of each category of the Award categories.
  2. Award General Secretariat shall notify the applicant or provide him with any information through e-mail, telephone or any other means of communication given by the applicant; this shall be considered an official notification.
  3. Award winners shall not have the right to announce that they have won before the official announcement of the Award results.
  4. Applications other than the subjects defined by the Award, or that do not serve its objectives, shall not be considered.
  5. Any application missing the required attachments shall not be considered.
  6. The Award shall not be granted more than once to an applicant within (3) years.
  7. An applicant cannot participate in more than one Award category in the same cycle.
  8. No application or additions will be accepted once the nomination period is closed, All nomination applications received after the end-date will be rejected, and the participation thereof will be cancelled.
  9. Any of the Award categories can be blocked if there are no deserving applicants.
  10. The Award can add new areas or new categories to its scope.
  11. No objections to the decisions made by the Award Committee of Referees shall be entertained I read the agreement and I agree.