Dr. Maha Fitaih


Dar Alhanan school, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1977.

   Bachelor Degree in Accounting.

   King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,1984

o         Overall grade: (Excellent)


Languages:                         Fluency in both Arabic and English.



Conferences and Forums:

1-       Participated in Nonprofit Organizations Conference ,   U.S. Consulate General in Jeddah.

2-       Participated in Charitable Association Forum, King Abd Alaziz Women Charity Committee- Qasim.

3-       Participated in Islamic Art Forum, Spanish Consulate in Damascus.

4-       Participated in Jeddah Economic Forum, Jeddah Marketing Board.

5-       Participated in Arab Education Forum, The Arab Thought Foundation, Beirut.

6-       Participated in Conference of the Developing role of Women in Gulf Countries, League Of Arab States, Abu-Dhabi.

7-       Participated in The National Dialogue, Literary Saloons, Makkah.

8-       Chairwomen of Khadija Bint Kowailid Forum ( The Reality of Women’s Participation in National                                       Development), Jeddah.



Major Activities:


1-       Represented Saudi Arabia at The Fifth Arab Scouting Camp for Guides, Morocco.

2-       She won Dar Alhanan student of the year award 1978-1979.

3-       Member of King Abdulaziz University Students Fund 1981.

4-       Established King Abdulaziz university volleyball team 1983.

5-       BoardDirector and in charge of the educational committee , Al Faisaliah Charitable Association1987-1990.

6-       In charge of Dar Alhanan graduates committee 1992-1994.

7-       In charge of renal failure patients and cancer diseases support committee under Al Faisaliah Charitable Association, Jeddah 1995.

8-       Established girls club under Albir Association in Jeddah, which provides educational, sports and artistic

Activities 1999-2001.

9-    Member of The Economic Social Circle In Makkah Region Emarat 2001 up to date.

10-  Member of The National Project  for Training and Employment In Makkah Region Emarat 2001-2005.

11-  She is hosting a literary monthly meeting under the name of  (Al- Maha literary Saloon) 2000 up to date.

12-   Memberof Khadija Bint Kowailid Board of Trustees, Chamber of Commerce, Jeddah.

13-   Member of The Scientific Saudi Club

14-   Member of Jeddah Economic Forum regulatory committee 2004-2005.

15-   Member of a group which aims to build cultural bridges with foreign communities in Jeddah 2004.

16-   Member of The National Committee (female sector).