Eng. Jamal Nabulsi

Jamal S. Naboulsi is the Assistant to Saudi Aramco Senior Vice President for Finance, Strategy & Development.   Previously he was Managing Director of Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center (Wa’ed).  Jamal started out his career as an Electrical/Electronics Engineer then spent most of his 30 years of experience pursuing diverse and complex challenges in electronics engineering, system engineering, project management, supply chain management, business development and entrepreneurship.  He was born and raised in Lebanon; studied, lived and worked in the United States, and has been working for Saudi Aramco and living in Dhahran-Saudi Arabia for  24 years.  

Experience in the United States involved eight years working for Honeywell Control Systems in Phoenix-Arizona where he played key technical and leadership roles in system design and implementation of state-of-the-art avionics systems for the aerospace industry.   His role evolved into working with the Federal Aviation Administration to certify major avionics systems for Honeywell, and interfacing with Honeywell’s global customers.  

Since joining Saudi Aramco in 1991, Jamal has consistently been assigned to lead highly demanding, complex and high-impact initiatives for Saudi Aramco that have national significance.     Jamal spearheaded the development of an overall local content strategy, led a major initiative to position Saudi Aramco as a key player in kicking off the development of solar energy industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led the development of new business strategy that converts certain assets and capabilities of Saudi Aramco into separate companies capable of evolving into national champions, and led a major healthcare Joint Venture project that culminated into agreement with a global healthcare organization to enter into a Kingdom-level healthcare Joint-Venture with Saudi Aramco.  In 2012 he assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer of Wa’ed which was followed with his assignment as the Managing Director of Wa’ed.   During his leadership of Wa’ed Jamal expanded the role of Wa’ed at the national level and implemented numerous transformational strategies.  In 2014, Jamal was chosen to be the Assistant to Saudi Aramco Senior Vice President for Finance, Strategy and Development, a position he is still holding.