Mr. Nawaf Shafi Almusra

Mr. Nawaf Shafi Almusra,  Shell Companies

Mr. Almusra is currently the Social Investment & Intilaaqah Program Manager at Shell Companies. He is also a member of the Board of SMES Counsel in Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Member of CSR Club in CSR Counsel . Also , Member of the executive SMEs Committee in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce .  

He previously was the Manager of the Vice President Office at the Human Right Commission, Office Manager at the University Chancellor and the Manager of Public Relations and Information at the Arabian Open University, Riyadh.

Mr. Almusra holds a Master degree of International Studies, a Master’s degree of Computer Information Systems Administration, Databases Administration from the University of Denver, U.S.A., High Diploma of Entrepreneurs Mentors’ From the King Saud University  and a Bachelor Degree of Public Relations and Communication from the King Saud University.

He also studied specialized subjects in Risk Management, Suppliers Administration, Marketing, Projects Management and Technology Management at University of Denver and Certified Training from Different institutes .